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What's so special about MathPen?

MathPen combines a calculator and a pen - the first product of its kind anywhere! Simply write numbers and, using motion sensors, MathPen will instantly show them on its display without using any external devices or special papers. Then, write an equals sign and MathPen

  1. The pen has an integrated display that shows the writing numbers. After writing an equal sign the result of the mathematical operation will be displayed.

  1. The pen contains a 360° degree solar module for the power supply which is placed around the pen on the head section.

  1. The pen has 2 Rubber Grips = 2 buttons. The grips have different functions. Firstly, it increases the ease of use of the pen. The first button is a reset button. The second button is a delete button.

  1. The usual Clip: This is rotatable. The Clip covers the display and can be moved. The pen can be turned by moving the clip. If the clip in a position where it covers the display, the pen is turned off. The calculator is not always active.

automatically calculates the correct solution to your math problem and displays it. No buttons to push. Just write!

"We have invented a new way of calculation with MathPen!"

New on the market!

MathPen is a brand new idea, recently patented. It is a new idea and does not exist on the market yet.

Works as a calculator. Works as a pen.

Simply turn the MathPen's head section to turn it on/off. The digital display is covered and you can use it as a standard pen.